randomrattle's Journal

I'm harmless. Really. Lookit this face? Would I lie to you?

Scratch that.

I'm not harmless and you should run your (_I_) off the other way.


Why arn't you running? Can't you see this net I'm carrying? And the chicken,
turkey baster, and weed whacker?

*tilts head*

You crazy, too? Heh. *puts away net*

My obsessions swing wildly: Viggo Mortensen, Sir Ian McKellen, In Plain Sight Characters. Vincent D'Onofrio (rarr!) and CSI's: Horatio Caine and Mac Taylor. I'm a longtime Highlander fan. (it's the kilts + swords combination) Meh. I just like what I like when I like it.

I tend to chat a lot in everyone *elses* journals instead of mine ...